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Refuel is formulated with a proprietary blend of 38 active ingredients of adaptogenic herbs, spices, nootropics, aminos acids, minerals, natural vitamins, organic raw food and Japanese Green Matcha tea for regaining energy, mental alertness, endurance, and maintenance. This allows your body recovery time to Refuel with good alkalinity; stamina and energy as it relieves fatigue, pain and swelling.

Refuel may also helps lower blood pressure; boost metabolism; burn calories; serve as natural diuretic, help balance hormones; aid as a blood thinner; fight depression and brain fog. detoxifies effectively and naturally; calm the mind; relax the body; enhances mood; aid in concentration; prevent disease; improve sleep; lower cholesterol and blood sugar.



Shake well to wake up the essential ingredients.

Refuel Tonic

  • Each product is hand made, there are no refunds or returns.